Fixtures Sunday 15th April 2018

Can all coaches be there for 8.30am. Games are played as per Pathway 4v4

Johnstone Community Sports Hub 0900 Fixtures
Pitch 1  Drumchapel United v  St Peters FC
Pitch 2  Neilson Wasps  v  Morton Community
Pitch 3  Drumchapel Amateurs Black  v  Bishopton FC 1
Pitch 4  Drumchapel United Black  v  St Peters FC White
Pitch 5  St Convals  v  St Andrews BC
Pitch 6  Neilson Wasps 2  v  St Peters FC Red
Pitch 7  Drumchapel Amateurs Red  v  Bishopton FC 2
Pitch 8    v  
Pitch 9    v  
Pitch 10    v  



Johnstone Community Sports Hub 1000 Fixtures
Pitch 1 Bishopton FC 3 v Houston United
Pitch 2 Drumchapel United Red v Bishopton FC 4
Pitch 3 St Convals 3 v St Andrews BC Blue
Pitch 4 Drumchapel Amateurs Green v St Convals 2
Pitch 5 St Peters FC Black v Glenvale AFC
Pitch 6 Drumchapel United Star v Neilson Wasps 3
Pitch 7 Erskine v St Peters FC Green
Pitch 8      
Pitch 9      
Pitch 10      

Each game is 10min duration, the home team stays and away team moves to next pitch (there will be 4 games)