Theres a PVG night arranged for Monday 3rd February 2020 at Hampden
Park, Glasgow G42 9BF starts 7pm prompt. Can you ensure any officials
requiring a PVG are informed and you register you are attending by emailing wilsontp75@gmail.com.

Documents required when completing a PVG CheckYou MUST bring the
following documents. Photocopied documents are not acceptable:

A note of any previous or current PVG Membership Number (number with
16 digits on left of certificate starts with a 1). If you are unsure
whether you a member of the PVG Scheme, then please call the
Disclosure Scotland helpdesk on 0300 0200 040.

If you are a PVG Scheme Member you MUST complete an Existing PVG
Member Form.If you are not a PVG Scheme Member you MUST complete an
Application to Join Form.

Your valid passport.

If your passport has expired or has been lost you should bring a note
of the Passport Number. If you do not have the expired or lost
passport number enter NO at B25.

Your valid Driving Licence.

If your Driving Licence has expired or has been lost you should bring
a note of the Driving Licence Number.

A note of your National Insurance Number.

Utility Bill or Bank Statement or other proof of your current address
(must be less than 3 months old).

Your address history for last 5 years, including resident from dates.

If you are registered with a Regulatory Body you MUST bring your
Regulatory Body Code and your Registration No.

If you do not have a passport or new style driving licence you MUST
bring another form of photographic identity.

Please Note: If you do not bring the required documents your PVG
Application Form CANNOT be submitted.