CWPO Training

Dear Club Secretary

As previous publicised, the Scottish Youth FA and the Scottish FA are  working together to implement positive and consistent practices in relation to Child Wellbeing in Scottish Football.

By 30 June 2018 all Clubs' Child Wellbeing & Protection Officers (CWPO) must have attended and completed the Managing Children's Wellbeing workshop.  This is a free, 3 hour workshop and allows all CWPOs to have an understanding of implementing the context of wellbeing, safeguarding and protecting children in a football environment and be aware of the risks and children's wellbeing and the procedures in place and what you, as clubs, can do.

The Scottish FA have scheduled a series of these workshops and a further 18 are taking place around the country between now and the end of June.  CWPOs can search the available dates and venues and book onto courses via this link:

Please note that this workshop is for the CLUB Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer only (not individual teams).

I would reiterate that your club's CWPO must have attended this course by 30 June 2018.  On 1 July 2018, any clubs who have not complied with this requirement WILL have all their teams' fixtures suspended.

In addition to this, all officials within your club, regardless of their position, will be required to complete the Children's Wellbeing e-learning course by 30 June 2018.  This is a free online course and details of how to access and book this can be found on the attached guidance, along with some FAQs for your information.

Any official who has NOT completed this by 30 June 2018 will be placed under a precautionary suspension until they have completed the training.

I would be obliged if you could communicate this information to your CWPO and all club and team officials.