Hub Venues - Hub Rules

Player Pathway 2010

Hub Venues  for 2019 season


Seedhill Road, Paisley PA1 1QR



Blackstoun Road, Paisley PA3 1HH


New Western Park

1 Argyll Ave, Renfrew PA4 9EF


Linwood ON-X

Brediland Road, Linwood PA3 3RA


Parkmains HS

Barrhill Rd  Erskine PA8 6EY 


All teams need to adhere to the COVID guidelines for small-sided games.  

  • Under no circumstances are any spectators allowed inside any of the venues.  Children must be dropped off and picked up by parents/guardians in the respective venue car-parks.
  • Only registered team officials and players are allowed inside the venues.
  • Due to the restrictions on the number of players (40)  using an 11 a side pitch, the middle pitch must be left free and teams use the two end pitches.
  • Individual teams are responsible for ensuring that their teams adhere to the above points without exception.  Any breaches will see teams banned from fixtures until further notice.  
  • Ensuring that individual teams meet all other COVID related guidelines is the responsibility of the team officials / COVID officer for each team.
  • Can we be considerate, safe and legal when parking our cars at the hubs.
  • Ensure all rubbish is put into the bins provided and leave the pitches and equipment the way you found them.