Match Secretary - Tommy Wilson
Further to Pamela's email 10.10.20, if you already haven't confirmed you health board and players please do so ASAP so i can finalise the fixture for the 17.10, if no information recieved your fixture will be removed. Fixtures for 17.10 will be finalised by tonight.
Hope everyone is safe and well, just a wee reminder to all to ensure you have all match day protocals in place to allow matches to take place. As we all know this season is completetly different to anything we have dealt with previously so be patient with each other as things may change as the season progress's. 
Fixtures 2020-2021
​​The new seasons fixture are LIVE!
​Good luck to all teams for the coming season.
Match Arrangements

As per the League constitution, the home team should contact the away team a minimum of 72 hours before a fixture to confirm arrangements. In practice, this means by Tuesday evening before the game on Saturday.

i) Fixtures must be played as listed.
ii) Any team altering a fixture without approval of the Match Secretary will be cited to a Disciplinary Meeting.
iii) A late call off will be treated as an unfulfilled fixture and the team involved will be cited a Disciplinary Meeting.
iv) All midweek fixtures are shown as played on a Wednesday. You are however able to play any night Monday to Thursday, depending on when home team can get a pitch booked. Home team has to give away team the appropriate notice as outlined in the constitution.
v) All teams are allowed to request three cancellations per season.The deadline for cancellations 11am for morning teams and 3pm for afternoon teams, the Saturday previous to the fixture  You have to email me the request at least seven days in advance of the fixture.

Notification of Results

When notifying results I only need the Home team to text in. Please do so before 6pm on a Saturday and 9pm for midweek games. i.e Age Group, league game, division 1  manchester city 1 v 1 manchester united I need the results sent like this due to the amount of teams i look after

My working hours are 8am - 5pm and have limited access to my phone during this time so if you need to contact me during these hours please send an email or txt and I will respond as soon as I am able. Also no calls after 9pm

Good luck for the new season !!