2012 Match Secretary - David McCluskey
email: mccluskeyd9@yahoo.co.uk Tel: 07944736544

NO ​PARENTS/SPECTATORS should be on the pitchREMEMBER All fixtures are likely to change due to cancellations.

There will never be any changes within the 7 days. All Fixtures are final from Monday unless exceptional circumstances (Which I will contact affected teams direct).

Any Cancellations you have to email me the request at least seven days in advance of the fixture.

No later than 1pm on the Sunday before.

Any requests after the cut off time will be refused.


Johnstone Community Sports Hub

Beith Road



Can we be considerate, safe and legal when parking our cars at the hubs

Ensure all rubbish is put into the bins provided and leave the pitches and equipment the way you found them.

NO ​PARENTS/SPECTATORS should be on the pitch

ALL PARENTS/SPECTATORS should stand behind the white barriers or against the surrounding fence