Match Secretary Jonny Mayne

Hub Venues  from 4/3/18

power league                                                                     Seedhill sports centre

Anchor grounds                                                                   seedhill road

blackhall street                                                                    paisley                                                                                                

paisley                                                                                  pa11qa



Can we be considerate, safe and legal when parking our cars at the hubs

Ensure all rubbish is put into the bins provided and leave the pitches and equipment the way you found them.

At these Hubs space is limited, we would request parents/ spectators stay around the fenced perimeter, When you are within the pitch area you must have your back to the fence and DO NOT encroach on the pitch area. NO spectators should be between the pitches.


Any teams looking to be left out of fixtures must give a weeks notice as fixtures will not be changed after they have been put on website