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Midweek fixtures listed in August can be played on any day, Monday to Thursday. If the home team is wanting to move the fixture away from the Wednesday, you must notify me so I can update the website and give the away team reasonable notice of the new date for the fixture.

Division 3 only has 9 teams, so there will be an end of season division cup for this division.

Fixtures from September onwards are likely to change due to the three cup competitions starting. Cup ties take priority over league fixtures so there is likely to be a lot of fixture rescheduling.



League fixtures will be subject to change for cancellation requests, cup ties and weather postponements. I will reschedule any postponed fixtures and will always give you at least seven days notice of any new fixture.

Match Arrangements
As per the League constitution, the home team should contact the away team a minimum of 72 hours before a fixture to confirm arrangements. This means no later than Tuesday evening before a game on Saturday.
The home team must also contact the match referee to confirm arrangements. You should contact your referee early to confirm his availability.

Notification of Results
The home team must text the result to me before 6pm on a Saturday. The earlier you text, the earlier I’ll put the score on the website.

Cancellation Requests
All teams are allowed three cancellation requests per season. You must email or text me at least seven days in advance of the fixture for it to be cancelled. The deadline for cancellation requests for Saturday matches is 3pm on the preceding Saturday. Any requests made after this time will not be accepted. If your opponent asks for a cancellation then you should note that if possible you will be allocated an alternative fixture.  If you cannot play, you must ask for a cancellation.