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Arthurlie 1999 (updated 07.09.2017)

Unfortunately Arthurlie have folded. As they had played less than 1/3 of their fixtures (5 of 22) their results have been removed from Division 1. 

East Kilbride AFC (updated 04.08.2017)

Unfortunately East Kilbride AFC have folded prior to the season starting. Their fixtures have been removed from Division 1 and will not be included in the event that Rule 9.3 of the Constitution is implemented any time during the season.

The deadline for cancellations is 11am on a Saturday morning (2004, 2003 and 2002) and 3pm on a Saturday afternoon (2001, 2000 and 1999/2000).

Any requests made after this time will not be accepted.

If your opponent has asked for a cancellation or you are down as a Club with a free week seven days or more before a fixture then you should note that if possible you will be allocated a fixture.  If you cannot play you must ask for a cancellation.

New Season

All league fixtures for the season are now posted, but will be subject to change for cup matches, cancellations and postponements as we go on. I'll always give you at least seven days notice on the website of a fixture change, so keep checking back for updates.

All midweek fixtures are shown as played on a Wednesday. You are however able to play any night Monday to Thursday, depending on when home team can get a pitch booked. Home team has to give away team the appropriate notice as outlined in the constitution.

All teams are allowed to request three cancellations per season. You have to email me the request at least seven days in advance of the fixture. If the cancellation relates to a West Region or Scottish Cup tie, the request has to go to the West Region or SYFA as those are their tournaments. In the unusual event of them granting the cancellation, send me a copy of the email at least seven days in advance so that I can arrange alternative fixtures for your opposition. If you do ask me for a cancellation please notify your opponents that the match is off.

Best of luck for the season ahead.